EE Contact Number: 0800 079 8586

If you require assistance from EE’s customer service personnel, then call them on the EE number 0800 079 8586.

If you’re a business customer, you can also contact them on the phone number 0800 079 3333.

EE is the UK’s number 1 mobile network operating today. They are under the BT brand, which itself is the major provier of internet broadband. EE is also the pioneer in the use of 4G technology, being the first mobile network to offer the technology to their UK subscribers. In 2015, EE came out number 1 in the Rootmetrics tests for reliability in terms of network services like: call, text, speed and overall network reliability and mobile internet.

Their 4G and 3G networks almost have full coverage over all the population of the UK with 93% and 97% coverage respectively. EE is also reinforcing their already excellent network coverage with WIFI. As of 2015, EE has initiated a plan to reinforce their rural subscribers’ network coverage with WIFI connectivity.

EE Phone Numbers

  • If you’re an EE subscriber and would like to contact their customer service team for all their home and business customer enquiries, then you can dial 150 from your EE mobile.
  • This number is free from 8am-8pm on weekdays and from 8am-6pm during weekends. Outside these times, each call is charged 50p.
  • If you’re using a landline and would like to enquire about your account or about EE’s mobile services, you can call them on the phone number: 07953 966 250.
  • If you’re calling from outside the UK, then dial +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • If you’re calling to enquire about EE’s Broadand or EE TV services, then you can call them from your EE (0800) landline on 0800 079 8586.
  • This number is free for those calling from their mobile and those calling from a landline.
  • If you’re using a different network, then call them on 0207 362 0200 for support for your EE Broadband and EE TV.
  • You can also call them up on  +44 (0) 207 362 0200 if you’re abroad.
  • For 4GEE mobile subscribers, you can call EE on 07953 966 502. This number is absolutely free for those caling from an EE landline.
  • If you’re going to use another network, then dial 07953 966 250.
  • If you’re abroad, contact +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • If you’re a Small Business customer and would like to speak to a live EE customer representative, then dial 07953 966 250 local or +44 (0) 7953 966 250 abroad.
  • If you’re a Large Corporate customer and would like to speak to a live EE customer representative, then dial 158 from your EE mobile. This call is always free.
  • You can also call them up on the EE freephone number: 0800 079 3333
  • If you’re calling from a non-EE phone, phone 07973 100 158.
  • If you’re abroad, call them at +44 (0) 7973 100 158.